We are experts in the exterior cleaning and maintenance of both private and commercial offices and homes throughout Merthyr Tydfil. Our local company use solutions which are kinder to the environment, safe and impart ensure the very best results. Cleaning isn’t just limited to render, we can also clean paths, patios, delicate stonework, cladding, headstones and roof tiles. Please feel free to view additional of our before and after imagery via our case studies tab.

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Softwashing Cleaning Which Has Long Lasting Results

Soft Washing is rapidly becoming the ultimate choice render cleaning method. We use an wildlife kind biocide which is non-bleaching and completely effective in the full decimation of lichens, red staining, algae and moss. This is an considerably tiny pressure water source, bio-degradable washing solution. This will solve the main root of the issues inhibiting biological evolvement.

Render Cleaning With Low Pressure

Alternative methods such as high pressure washing is likely to end up with expensive damage to your render or stonework. The finished cleans are also poor, for example, within just a few months what had been formally washed off will come back. Soft wash cleaning results will last much further and you will notice this treatment continues to last well in excess of 12 months.

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Why Choose Our Services?

Our render washing services are carried out bespoke to your needs and our vast experience helps us to deliver the very best service. Our approach to working safely and ensuring customers satisfaction is our priority and you be rest assured of total assurance your working with a top quality company.

  • BEST PRICES GUARANTEE: Let’s cut to the chase,no one can beat us on price.

  • ACCREDITATION: The company has invested in its training and qualifications to the highest standards.

  • SUPERIOR CLEANING MATERIALS: We use a a range of the very best cleaning solutions.

  • PUBLIC LIABILITY INSURED COVER: Our team members does have full public liability insurance, and adherence to the latest standards in health and safety.

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    K Rend & Coloured Render CleaningService

    Does your building have Coloured Render, K Rend or Weber? We are qualified to clean any medium of render. These kinds of of silicone finish are particularly likely to colour changes. We will simply and safely clean all of the debris and growths, restoring your home surround back to best.

    So How Much Is This Going To Cost?

    The cost for cleaning your render depends on how big your property is. What do guarantee you though, is that our prices are the lowest you will find anywhere. In addition to this, our softwashing will last much longer when comparison is made to traditional jet washing. You also get the long term difference combined the cost favourable benefits.

    What’s Softwashing?

    Softwashing is another alternative to the more commonly known standard of pressure cleaning outer surfaces. You will find it a gentle and very effective technique that soley uses little pressure to spread over a mix of cleaning product and water which gets rid of grime buildup, moss, algae, and mildew.

    Over the years, soft washing is now a normal and safer way to clean both commercial and residential properties without causing any harm to land whilst still achieving admirable results.

    Is Soft washing Safe?

    absolutely Softwash is your safest cleaning type used right now. However, if you do not use solutions properly you could cause some harm. Properly used, it is a secure method to clean your render.

    At Advance Render Cleaning we utilize the latest in Adaptive washing gear and our team are skilled in the safe use of cleaning solutions when use of our equipment to cleanse your render.

    Is there The Difference Between Pressurised Washing and Softwashing?

    Pressure washing and Softwash are equally ways to wash your house’s outside. However, they do this in variety of ways.

    • Pressure uses pressurerised water to forcefully get rid of stains and dirt from the surfaces that it comes in contact with. This is highly effective, however it is likely to cause some property damage.
    • Softwashing ignores much of of the pressurization in swap of compounds, which aren’t dangerous to the render and the wildlife.

    Our specialists will know what mixes to result in the right volume and pressure to cleanse all the render safely.

    Merthyr Tydfil (/ˈmɜːrθər ˈtɪdvɪl/;[2]Welsh: Merthyr Tudful [ˈmɛrθɨr ˈtɨdvɨ̞l]) is a large town in Wales, with a population of about 63,546, situated approximately 23 miles (37 km) north of Cardiff. At one time the largest town in Wales, Merthyr Tydfil is today its fourth largest urban area by population. Situated in the historic county of Glamorgan, it is the main town in Merthyr Tydfil County Borough and is administered by Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council. Both the town and the county borough are often referred to as simply ‘Merthyr’.

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