Our contractors are experts in the exterior cleaning and maintenance of all types of private and commercial offices and homes across Leatherhead. Our experienced workers will use techniques which are human and pet friendly once dry and {ultimately|will|without doubt|impart|produce and arise long lasting results. Cleaning is not just limited to render, we are available to wash patios, delicate stone work, cladding, paths head stones and moss off roof tiles. You can see some more of our organisations recent projects imagery from our gallery tab.

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Softwash Cleaning With Results That Last

Softwash is no doubt becoming the optimum render cleaning method. We use an environmentally safe biocide which free from bleaching and totally effective in the total decimation of

algae, red staining, moss and lichens. This is an very tiny pressure water based, biodegradable washing solution. Treating the source of the problems inhibiting biological growth.

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Low Pressure Render Cleaning

Different common treatments such as high pressure washing will only cause pricey damages to your render or stone facades. The end results are also lacking, after just a few months what was initially cleaned off will come back.

Softwashing cleaning results do last alot greater, and you will find out this treatment continues to work in excess of a year.

Why Choose Our Services?

Our render washing works are carried out bespoke to your wishes and our deep industry experience helps us to deliver unrivalled service. Our approach to working safely and delivering customers satisfaction is our priority and you will have the full confidence you will be partnering with a top quality company.

  • LOW PRICES GUARANTEED: Let’s cut to the chase,no one can beat us on price.

  • ACCREDITED: We have made a huge investment in quality assurance accreditation, to make sure the job is done right.

  • TOP QUALITY EQUIPMENT: The team uses a a range of specialist cleaning product range.

  • COMPLETELY INSURED COVER: Our staff have complete public liability insurance, and adhere to the relevant health and safety standards.

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    K-Rend & Render Coloured CleaningService

    Does your home have K Rend, Weber or Coloured Render? We will wash any medium of render. These kinds of of silicone finishes are particularly likely to colour changes. We will skilfully and safely clean all the debris and organisms, restoring your home surround back to it’s very best.

    What is The Cost Of Render Cleaning?

    The costing for washing your render is determined by the size of the building. What will assure you though, is that we will not be beaten on cost. In addition to this, our soft wash results will far exceed when you compare this to the traditional method of high pressured washing. You will notice the full difference in conjunction with the savings favourable benefits.

    What is Softwashing?

    Softwash is an alternate to the previous option of jet cleaning outer surfaces. It is a gentle and extremely effective technique that uses small pressure to spread over a combination of cleaning chemical and water and that gets rid of dirt buildup, moss, algae, and mildew.

    Through time, soft washing has become a normal and more powerful way to wash both residential and commercial properties without causing any harm to property whilst still achieving admirable results.


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    Just north-east of the midpoint of Surrey[n 1] and at a junction of ancient north–south and east–west roads, elements of the town have been a focus for transport throughout its history. A main early spur to this was the construction of the bridge over the seasonally navigable River Mole in the early medieval period. Later the Swan Hotel provided 300 years of service to horse-drawn coaches. In the late 20th century the M25 motorway was built nearby. Leatherhead is typical of many towns which form part of the London commuter belt with many residents commuting daily into the capital.