We the specialists in the exterior maintenance of all types of private and commercial offices and homes within Essex. Our skilful technicians will use techniques which are safe, kind to the environment, and {ultimately|will|without doubt|impart|produce and give long lasting results. Cleaning is not solely constrained to render, we are able to wash pathways, gravestones, cladding, stone, roofing and patios. Why not view more of our results, before and after imagery via our case studies tab.

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Soft Wash Cleaning With Fantastic Results

Soft Wash is no doubt turned into leading render cleaning solution. We use an environmentally approved biocide which contains no bleaching agents and 100% effective in the complete clearance of moss, algae and staining. This is a very small pressure water found

ation, biodegradable washing solution. This thereby solves the main root of the problems controls biological spread.

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Render Cleaning With Low Pressure

Inferior solutions such as power washing is likely to only cause costly cracks to your render or stone. The final results are also poor, for example, after only a three months what was initially washed off will re-surface.

Soft Washing cleaning results will last alot greater, and you will find out this treatment continues to last much longer than twelve months.

Why Choose Our Company?

Our render cleaning service are suited your needs and our wealth experience helps us to maintain the ultimate services. Our safe working and delivering satisfied customers is our priority and you be rest assured of full assurance you will be working with a excellent company.

  • UNBEATABLE PRICES THAT ARE GUARANTEED: Yes you heard it right,no one can beat us on price.

  • HIGHLY ACCREDITED: The team at advance adhere to the latest health and safety and industry standards. We are pleased to have achieved accreditation approval from safecontractor.

  • SUPERIOR CLEANING GEAR: We utilize a selection of specialised cleaning products.

  • £5 MILLION INSURED: Our technicians have total public liability insurance, and adhere to the appropriate standards in health and safety.

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    K-Rend & Render Coloured CleaningService

    Does your establishment have K Rend, Weber or Coloured Render? We can cleanse any style of render. These surfaces of silicone finishes are particularly susceptible to discolouration. We will simply and safely remove all of the debris and bacteria, renewing your establishment surround return to it’s best.

    What is The Cost Of Render Cleaning?

    The costing for washing your render depends on how big your property is. What we can assure you though, is that our prices are the lowest you will find anywhere. Furthermore, our softwashing results will far exceed when you compare this to to traditional pressure washing. You will receive the full difference combined the cost advantages.

    What is Softwashing?

    Soft wash is different option to the traditional method of power cleaning exterior surfaces. It is a gentle and extremely efficient technique that soley uses tiny pressure to spread over a mix of cleaning product and water which gets rid of dirt buildup, moss, algae, and mildew.

    Through the years, soft washing is now a normal and more powerful way to wash both residential and commercial properties without causing any damage to land while still attaining admirable results.


    Essex (/ˈɛsɪks/) is a county in the southeast of England, northeast of London. One of the home counties, it borders Suffolk and Cambridgeshire to the north, Hertfordshire to the west, Kent across the estuary of the River Thames to the south, and London to the southwest. The county town is Chelmsford, the only city in the county. For government statistical purposes Essex is placed in the East of England region.

    There are three definitions of the extent of Essex, the widest being the Ancient County, the more usual being the smaller Ceremonial County and smallest being the administrative county – the area administered by the County Council and which excludes the two unitary authorities of Thurrock and Southend-on-Sea.

    The Ceremonial County occupies the eastern part of what was, during the Early Middle Ages, the Kingdom of Essex. As well as rural areas, the county also includes London Stansted Airport, the new towns of Basildon and Harlow, Lakeside Shopping Centre, the port of Tilbury and the borough of Southend-on-Sea.