Our contractors are experts in the exterior maintenance of all domestic and commercial homes and buildings around Birmingham. Our experienced technicians deploy methods which are human and pet friendly once dry and will give the very best results. Cleaning isn’t solely limited to render, we can also wash pathways, gravestones, cladding, stone, roofing and patios. Please feel free to visualise some of our organisations portfolio imagery in our case study page.

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Soft Wash Cleaning With Fantastic Results

Softwash is fast turned into leading choice render cleaning technique. We use an environment gentle biocide that has zero bleaching agents and 100% effective in the whole clearance of moss, algae and staining. This is a incredibly little pressure water foundation, bio-degradable cleaning solution. Solving the main root of the problem controlling biological evolvement.

Low Pressure Render Cleaning

Alternative methods such as high pressure washing more often than not result in costly cracking to your render or stone. The finished cleans are also poor, for example, within only a few months what was prior cleansed off will come back. Soft Washing cleaning results do last alot further and you will find out this treatment continues to last in excess of a year.
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Why Choose Our Services?

Our render washing works are best suited your wishes and our vast knowledge helps us to deliver unrivalled services. Our approach to working safely and ensuring satisfied customers is our priority and you can have full assurance you’re working with a quality business.

  • LOWEST PRICES GUARANTEE: Yes you heard it right,we will beat any quote.
  • ACCREDITED: Team members adhere to the latest health and safety guidelines. The company is Safecontractor approved.
  • LATEST CLEANING MATERIALS: The team uses a a range of the very best cleaning solutions.
  • COMPLETELY INSURED: Our staff does have full public liability cover, and follow the final health and safety standards.

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    K-Rend & Coloured Render CleaningService

    Does your establishment have Coloured Render, K Rend or Weber? We are able to wash any kind of render. These variations of silicone finish are especially more likely to discolouration. We can confidently and safely eradicate all the muck and growths, restoring your property exterior return to looking its best.

    What is The Cost Of Render Cleaning?

    The price for cleaning your render will depend on the size of the property. What do promise you though, is that our prices are the lowest you will find anywhere. Furthermore, our softwashing results are superior when you compare this to traditional high pressure washing. You will get the long term positives in conjunction with the value for money advantages.

    What is Softwashing?

    Soft wash is different alternative to the traditional method of pressure cleaning exterior surfaces. It’s a gentle and very efficient technique that utilizes low pressure to cover over a mix of cleaning product and water and that gets rid of grime buildup, moss, algae, and mildew.
    Through time, soft washing has become a common and more powerful way to clean both commercial and residential properties without causing any harm to property whilst still attaining admirable results.

    Is Softwashing Safe?

    absolutely Soft wash is the safe cleaning method used as of today. But if you do not use products right way you may cause some harm. Properly used, it is a secure solution to wash your render.
    In Advance Render Cleaning we utilize the latest in Adaptive washing equipment and all our employees are experts in the safe use of cleaning practices when utilizing our equipment to clean your render.

    Whats The Difference Between Jet Washing and Soft wash?

    Pressurised washing and Softwashing are both in their own ways to wash your buildings outside. However, they do that in variety of ways.

    • Pressure utilizes pressurerised water to brutally get rid of stains and muck from the surfaces that it comes into contact with. This is highly effective, but it does cause serious property damage.
    • Softwashing exchanges much of of the pressurization in favour of chemicals, which will not be detrimental to the render and the environment.

    Our cleaning technicians will know what mix to achieve the best pressure and volume to clean all surfaces thoroughly and safely.
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